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Kellendraysia ([personal profile] kellendraysia) wrote2012-01-13 09:18 pm
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Knitting Confusion

Hide decided to come down to keep me company while I knit. Poor plushling he's still so confused at what I am doing. Though he is adorable.

He reminds me of a cat about to pounce as crept up like that. I was waiting for him to just pop out of there.

Just have to love that confused look, he was about to tip over there.

I think he was trying to pick up the knitting but well it is an afghan I am working on so it is a bit hefty for the little guy.

Figured I would share his antics they make me smile and give him extra cuddles for his cuteness. Which he sometimes fusses over but I think he secretly likes it.

[personal profile] musha168 2012-01-14 05:24 am (UTC)(link)
XD He needs knitting needles in his size!