kellendraysia: Cuddle Bee (Cuddle Bee)
Kellendraysia ([personal profile] kellendraysia) wrote2012-02-02 02:23 pm
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A Plushling and his Dragon

I would have to say that this was a cute moment to stumble upon this morning. Forget a boy and his dog this is what happens when it's a tiny bot and his dragon. Lucky just love Bee it is quite cute.

Lucky reminds me of a excitable puppy...

Which apparently include loving belly rubs...

And dragon hugs...

Lots of dragon hugs!

Now as for this next part I don't know what actually started it. I came back in to this.

Obviously Hide did something, and Bee had to tackle Lucky.

Ratchet to the Rescue!.. well at least trying to be the peace maker

Negotiations seem to be going alright.

Poor Hide it's not often that you will see him hiding behind someone. He must have made Lucky really mad!

Everything seems to have settled out fine in the end thank goodness.

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