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We found something...!

What can it be oh what can it be...

Dangerous words from Plushlings I know this very well. I tried to keep them from finding out about this afghan project but it was inevitable and I really should know better. At least they weren't too bad this time. Here are some of the pictures of them caught in the act. Though I really have no idea how they talked Optimus into this...

Hey 'Hide I'll go first! Give me a boost will ya? -Bee
Sure - 'Hide
Careful you don't toss him in on his head.. -Ratchet

I think you can stop trying to push him in Ironhide - Ratchet
Wha' gives ya tha' idea -'Hide
Mffmm mmm - Bee
Oh - 'Hide *laughs*

Help! I fell in! - Ratchet
We're coming! - Bee & 'Hide

.... - 'Hide
*laughter* - Bee & Ratchet

I'm takin' this one - 'Hide
Awwww but I wanted that one! - Bee
Tough! It's mine! - 'Hide

*Happy Humming from the Plushlings*
*Sigh* - Optimus

Hey guys I have another one! - Ratchet

Hey guys look what I found! - Bee
What is it? - Ratchet
Don' care it's cozy - 'Hide

I'll leave this on a cute note one last picture after they settled down.

Doesn't this just make you say awwww... I know I did.


[personal profile] musha168 2012-01-02 05:49 am (UTC)(link)
XD Ack!!! So impatient!!
Guys!!! You're supposed to wait until it's done before snuggling into it! =P