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Kellendraysia ([personal profile] kellendraysia) wrote2012-01-03 09:30 pm
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Is that a pocket...?

Well went down to watch a movie with my roomie and 'Hide wanted to come down while Ratchet and Bee opted to stay in bed. Lazy plushlings! But I do suppose that they need there sleep too. Well this is how 'Hide decided to travel.

*peeks out* Any weird vampire things out there? - 'Hide
*pats him on the head* They are all gone now.
Good, too weird, human bitey things *shakes head and ducks back into the pocket* - 'Hide

We watched Fright Night, not sure that little 'Hide was too impressed. It wasn't bad.

[personal profile] musha168 2012-01-05 06:39 am (UTC)(link)
XD Doesn't he look comfy? *waves*

.... I didn't realize they were small enough to fit in sweatshirt pockets XD
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