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~We solemnly swear we're up to no good~

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Hello everyone welcome to Plushling Antics, here you will find a place where my Plushlings run rampant what all they are up to. Which is mainly mischief, tricks, having too much fun, and cuteness not necessarily in any particular order.

*Sidesteps so not to step on the plushlings as they run by* Hey guys did you want to say anything here on your profile?

*The three skid to a halt*

"Ooo people?" Bumblebee said looking around. "hey there's no one here."
"Nah," Ironhide said with "a shake of his head* "Things to do." *he nudged Bee,* "Com' on"
"We can figure what to say later," Ratchet added and the three nodded and they ran off.
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