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This is what I woke up to this morning. It has been very hot here and I live in a townhouse with no AC. I don't think I will have to worry about SG Soundwave and Jazz not getting along.... though I may have to worry about them getting along too well.

For those that might want to know Optimus tractor, Luke the Traveling Whale, and Nellie are in the background.

Jazz: Man it's hot.
Sounds: You got that right.
Jazz: Wanna get up?
Sounds: Nope
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This explains it all! Since apparently this is something that occurs on a regular basis while I'm at work. It took some convincing to even get the three of them to admit to what they have been doing. I found it funny but made them promise to stop feeding Fredrick when I'm not home. Or pointedly to stop letting Bee convince Ratchet and Hide to let him feed Fredrick.

To the Tank! )
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Hide decided to come down to keep me company while I knit. Poor plushling he's still so confused at what I am doing. Though he is adorable.

He reminds me of a cat about to pounce as crept up like that. I was waiting for him to just pop out of there.

*Poke poke* )

Figured I would share his antics they make me smile and give him extra cuddles for his cuteness. Which he sometimes fusses over but I think he secretly likes it.


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